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Welcome to KINGDOM, the indoor playground in Tuen Mun designed exclusively for toddlers and children. Here, you can enjoy a variety of exciting activities, professional-grade play equipment, and immersive role-playing experiences that allow children to experience the joy of exercise and play. Spend a wonderful day with your children in a world of joy and laughter.

KINGDOM covers nearly 9,000 square feet, making it an unparalleled indoor family playground. There are 10 play areas, including an inflatable castle, a two-story rope obstacle, slide area, a large trampoline area, a ceramic sandpit, a supermarket kitchen, a dental clinic role-play area, a larger ball pool, dinosaur ride area and reading area. At the KINGDOM playground, we have a dressing room specifically designed for children to change into their favorite prince, princess, supermarket, kitchen, and hospital role-playing costumes, allowing them to experience the joy of the game while taking photos and leaving beautiful memories.

At KINGDOM, the two-story rope obstacle slide area allows you to experience the strong combination of rope nets and slides, climb freely, avoid obstacles, and enjoy a secret adventure. The large trampoline area has a large area and strong elasticity, allowing you to spin, roll, and jump on the trampoline, break free from gravity and enjoy the thrill of jumping in mid-air. In addition, we also have facilities such as ceramic sandpits and supermarket kitchens, allowing children to experience the fun of sand games and simulating real-life scenes while playing. The KINGDOM playground also has a  massive ball pool and a reading area, allowing children to relax while enjoying the thrill of reading.

At KINGDOM, we are committed to provide children with a fun and learning environment, where they can spend unforgettable time with their families and friends. We believe that children can unleash their creativity and imagination through games and experiences, while also learning the importance of teamwork, self-expression and developing problem-solving skills. We hope that children can grow and thrive at KINGDOM and make it a part of their beautiful memories.

Whether it's parent-child play, birthday parties, group activities, or children's dreams come true, KINGDOM can provide you with the best choices and most considerate services. We look forward to you and your children coming to KINGDOM, spending a beautiful time full of laughter and memories together.